In living systems, processes vary over time because of the integration of biological and environmental interactions. Circadian (~ 24 hours) oscillations are significant and among the most studied physiological changes. We can evaluate the presence and significance of 24-h fluctuations in physiological time-distributed data by a cosinor model using a wide range of irregularly updated (often outdated) native apps that have problems with modern operating systems. Therefore, for users not familiar with MATLAB, R, Python or other programming languages, we created Cosinor.Online application. The application runs in modern web browsers and is hosted on remote servers running 24/7.

Loading data is easy; copy and paste columns from an Excel file to the web form.

Analysis results contain a unique ID, allowing users to reopen or remove data over one month for free.

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Reference: Molcan, L. (2019). Time distributed data analysis by Cosinor. Online application. bioRxiv, 805960, .

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