Circadian (~ 24 hours) oscillations are significant and among the most studied physiological changes. We can evaluate the presence and significance of 24-h fluctuations in physiological time-distributed data by a cosinor model using a wide range of irregularly updated (often outdated) native apps that have problems with modern operating systems. Therefore, for users not familiar with MATLAB, R or other programming languages, we created Cosinor.Online application. The application is running in modern web browsers and hosted on remote servers running 24/7.

Loading data is easy; copy and paste columns from an Excel file to the web form.

Analysis results also contain a unique ID, allowing users to reopen data and results repeatedly over one month or remove their data from the MySQL database for free.

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More about Cosinor.Online application in the preprint on BioRxiv, doi: .
Reference: Molcan, L. (2019). Time distributed data analysis by Cosinor. Online application. bioRxiv, 805960.